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I Know It’s Over – Supermundane

All these forms are almost logos. They are playing with depth and what can be suggested with very little, as most of my work is. They were made for a show in Belgium last year for the closing of a gallery called Alley. The title ‘I Know It’s Over’ came from the idea of this ending. Once I had this title, which is from a Smiths song, it started to make me think of nostalgia of the past. Music has always been important to me and serves as a way of defining periods of my life. I went through songs that meant something to me and took short lyrics from them, these were then attached to the abstract forms at random. 

Through this act of indeterminacy new links where created. The forms took on new meanings other than that the of pure abstraction of their origin. Each print has is just two colours, black and then another which is unique to that print – although some a similar.

The paper used for these is called Tyvek, which isn’t really a paper at all but a synthetic fibrous material most commonly used for wristbands and protecting buildings during construction. I thought there was something interesting in using a very tough, long lasting, material for a show called “I Know It’s Over’. It was also a practical choice which meant I could use tape to hang the prints
in the gallery and not damage the work.